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How to Use Web Design to Give Your Business the Edge

Online shopping is now a major part of the UK retail scene, as shown by the popularity of online Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions this year. And for most Britons, the internet is the first port of call when searching for all kinds of businesses and services. In this environment, web design has an…
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December 17, 2014 0

A Calculated Wordsplash: How to Write Engaging Articles

A picture may paint a thousand words, but it makes no difference if no one’s going to see it. Even the best website can be let down by embarrassing copy, but great copy with strategic focus can make you a superstar. So, whether you’re a budding writer or want to employ somebody with linguistic flair,…
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November 21, 2014 0

Useful SEO Tips for Bands and Musicians

In many ways, the internet coupled with modern technology means it’s easier than ever for bands and musicians to burst on to the music scene today. There are fewer barriers to recording your own music, making your own videos and sending your creations out to the multitude of different websites dedicated to music. However, with…
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December 13, 2013 0