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Pay Per Click Services

PPC (Pay per Click) is a type of sponsored online advertising that’s used on a wide range of websites, including search engines. The general benefit of PPC to advertisers is that they only pay if a web user clicks on their ad. This explains the title, ‘pay per click’. Here at Wildfire we use expert knowledge of PPC and of how to use it effectively in order to get your website noticed by your target audience.

Whilst we’re using PPC to increase traffic to your website, our SEO strategies will be working away in the background, gradually helping your website to achieve its natural ranking potential. When you hire Wildfire to manage your PPC advertising campaign you can rest-assured that you’re working with the experts and that we possess the knowledge and expertise required to obtain results.

A Kind of Silent Auction

In a way, PPC advertising is not dissimilar to a silent auction. Advertisers essentially bid on certain keywords or phrases that they believe their target customers would search for when looking for a particular product or service. When a web user searches for said keyword or phrase via an online search engine or visits a web page with content that correlates to it, the PPC ad may be displayed on the page.

To distinguish PPC ads from natural search results, search engines will usually place these ads under a title like “Sponsored Ads” or “Sponsored Links”. Search pages can be overcrowded with text and items competing for a webs users’ attentions and these titles make the ads easier to notice. Whatever industry your business is in, in these tough economic times there’s no doubt that it’s a highly competitive market. Therefore, it’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd in order to attract the attentions of your target customers. Here at Wildfire, we are able to help you to do just that.

Targeted Website Traffic

PPC ads are highly beneficial to you as a business because they get noticed by your target audience and you’re charged only when your ads are clicked on. They also bring targeted traffic to your website because you’re able to assign which ads are displayed for particular keywords and phrases. You can also determine what page of your website a user will land on when they click your ad. Due to the fact that PPC allows you to target people at various stages of the buying process, the quality of your website traffic will increase and your website will have a lower bounce rate and increase in conversions.

Fast Results Guaranteed

Unlike SEO, which takes some time to build up before you tend to see results, PPC ads can start to yield results quickly. Your ads can be up and running in next to no time at all, bringing qualified traffic and leads to your website. If you want immediate clicks to your website, PPC is your best option as it can allow you to begin appearing on the very first page of search results. PPC is usually an attractive form of advertising for new businesses that want to get their name out there right away.

It can also be highly beneficial if you have special promotions, offers or events that need exposure. For further information about Wildfires PPC advertising services simply get in touch today. Over the years we have helped many businesses to launch successful PPC advertising campaigns in order to get quality traffic to their websites and boost their online visibility. Why not let us help your business too?

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“We are getting over 200 quote completions on our site from PPC alone. Our clicks are incredibly valuable and Wildfire have assisted us in guiding PPC in the right direction” –  Richmond Shutters
“The Wildfire Team are extremely knowledgeable and have saved us a massive £2000 a month by using PPC the correct way, targeting the right keywords and click costs.” – Gangamayoga