People Power – SEO Strategies In 2018

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People Power – SEO Strategies In 2018

May 2, 2018 Uncategorized 0

A day doesn’t go by without some expert or another claiming that SEO is dead. And in a certain sense they’re right. Thanks to Google’s stricter algorithms, old style SEO has well and truly kicked the bucket.

The days of churning out keyword-stuffed, poor quality spun content and spammy link-building to improve your rankings have long gone.

In 2018, successful SEO is all about people, not search engines: organic, people-centric SEO which focuses on a positive user experience and high quality content that offers real value to website visitors.

So it makes sense to bury old SEO tactics and adopt new strategies that focus on humans not machines.

Here’s a look at people-focused SEO strategies that are alive and well in 2018.

RankBrain Optimisation

Write for the users, and the search engines will naturally rank you higher. RankBrain, Google’s AI programme which helps process their search results, will consider the amount of people that click on your website from the search results (CTR), how long a user stays on your website (dwell time), and your bounce rate: how quickly they leave your website.

Catchy meta descriptions, relevant keywords and attention grabbing titles will all help with your CTR. Once there, if users find engaging and valuable content on a site that’s easy to navigate, they’ll be more likely to stick around.

And RankBrain will notice this.

Mobile Optimisation

Google is responding to how people access the internet today by starting to prioritise mobile rather than desktop sites in their rankings. In other words, Google will consider the mobile version as your ‘main’ website.

And with the majority of searches coming from mobile devices, mobile optimisation is now an essential part of a successful SEO strategy.

Your mobile site must be responsive, easy to navigate and easy to use. If your mobile site doesn’t provide a positive user experience, you’ll be sending potential customers straight to your competitors’ sites.

And once again, RankBrain will notice.

Comments On Your Site

Social media is a great way to get feedback on your posts and to interact with people. But by allowing comments on your actual website, you’re keeping it active rather than static, something that Google encourages and will rank you on.

Also, people who are interested enough to add a comment to one of your blogs, are then more likely to share it on social media.

Voice Search Optimisation

With the growing popularity of Alexa and Siri, more people are stepping away from the keyboard and opting for voice searches instead.

Good SEO practice in 2018 should focus on natural speech patterns with a mixture of short and long tail keywords in the form of a question, since it comes naturally to us to ask a question when using a voice search tool: “How do I? Where can I?”.

Include a question, then the answer in your content. If users ask a question which then leads them to your website where they’ll find the answer they’re looking for, your dwell time will increase significantly.

And we all know what RankBrain thinks of that.

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