What Kind Of SEO Job? – SEO Analyst

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What Kind Of SEO Job? – SEO Analyst

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seo companyThe purpose of search engine optimisation is to increase traffic for a particular website from organic search results on search engines such as Google. In other words, it’s the process of making your site as visible as possible, so that when a visitor types specific keywords into Google search, you want your website to appear on the first pages. This can be achieved through ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ methods whereby your use of relevant content, meta tag descriptions and keywords will naturally direct people to your site. Non-organic advertising methods can also be used, such as PPC or Google Adwords, whereby your business pays Google every time someone clicks on your advertisement.

A business owner who wants to make their website visible and generate more traffic, will seo companyemploy and SEO company to achieve these results. An SEO company will employ an analyst to study and analyse potential opportunities and threats and advise clients on how they can improve their online visibility and traffic.

An SEO analyst, also known as an SEO auditor, is the brains behind SEO. Their main responsibilities include the following:

• Crawlability – The ability for a search engine to navigate easily from one page to another on your website.

• 301 redirects – A permanent method of redirecting from one URL to another (think of it as a change of address redirection form you fill out when moving home).

• 404 errors – A 404 error occurs when a website cannot be found. An SEO analyst must be able to manage and deal with 404 errors correctly and test them to make sure they work properly and are redirected to a relevant page.

• Rankability – search and analyse relevant keywords and implement correct keyword density, meta tag descriptions and H1s.

• Analyse ways to use and optimise site content.

• Analyse data to improve site web design and transform SEO results into workable business objectives.

Skills And Experience seo company

A good SEO analyst will possess the following qualities:

• An expert knowledge of Excel.

• Know the workings of SEO and website design inside out.

• Optimum analytical skills.

• Up to date knowledge with the latest SEO software.

• Experience in site auditing.

• An in-depth understanding of HTML and web programming.

Interpersonal Skills  seo company

Having brains, knowledge and experience is not enough. Like all professionals in an SEO company, an SEO analyst must have excellent communication skills. The job requires constant liaising between the marketing aspects of SEO and IT.

Clients aren’t experts in the technical side of SEO, and nor should they be. That is why they need the services of a reputable SEO company. Their concerns are to promote their business and increase their site traffic, so a good SEO analyst needs to be able to translate the technical jargon into plain English that is easy for the client to understand.

An SEO analyst needs to be a team player with the ability to work well with other members of the SEO company. However, they also need to be able to work independently, using data collected to make informed, analytical decisions and implement SEO strategies to achieve projected business goals.

Here at Get Manic, we pride ourselves on having a behind-the-scenes team of expert professionals in all aspects of SEO and website design; professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. Our personal, open-door policy ensures that we have constant communication with our clients. We provide an efficient, friendly and professional service that is often lacking in some of our larger London-based counterparts. For more information on the SEO services we provide, call us today, or drop in to our Brighton-based offices to meet the team.