The Role of an SEO Manager within an SEO Company

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The Role of an SEO Manager within an SEO Company

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If the marketing director is the captain that commands an SEO ship, then the SEO manager is the first mate. In other words, the SEO manager is the project manager behind an SEO campaign. An SEO manager will have a strategic, analytical and technical approach to SEO strategies. So what exactly does the role of a good SEO manager involve?

An Overview

An SEO manager is responsible for coordinating an SEO campaign for clients from the conception, to the finish, organising website content and design for SEO optimisation. An SEO company cannot function without a good manager who knows the workings of SEO strategies inside out.

Interpersonal Skills    seo company

The main responsibility of an SEO manager is to manage a team of content writers, link builders and designers, setting briefs for the team and controlling and editing works before presenting them to the client. An SEO manager has the task of identifying and researching keywords and applying them to briefs for writers and designers to follow. The manager will have a hands-on approach, liaising with clients on a regular basis and must have the instincts and insight to understand exactly what a client needs. In fact a good SEO manager should know what a client needs, even if the client himself, doesn’t. The manager will have the ability not just to liaise, but also to influence clients and guide them in the process of successful SEO strategies. Therefore, excellent communication skills are essential.

seo companyTechnical Skills

An SEO manager will perform a continuous audit of the client’s website; analysing trends, identifying opportunities for growth and possible threats. They will have an excellent knowledge of SEO software, HTML, CSS and Javascript. They will also be experienced in the applications of Pay Per Click and Google AdWords advertising. The manager will have the ability to identify and analyse keywords for an SEO campaign and be able to analyse content for keyword density, word count and meta descriptions. They will be aware of the importance of link maintenance, ensuring that both internal and external links function correctly and be able to to apply link building strategies to enhance and promote the client’s website.

A good SEO manager will constantly analyse a client’s website. They will keep a close eye on a website’s performance especially, traffic flow, ranking, keyword function and how long visitors actually remain on a site.

The manager will then use this information to analyse and communicate the findings to the client, while identifying where improvements can be made. They will assess what pages on the site are more important for web crawlers and make recommendations for enhancement of text, URL’s titles and descriptions to optimise the site as a whole. Every page must be relevant and it is the manager’s job to make the client aware of this.

An SEO manager will look beyond content and be knowledgable in other medias to enhance the site’s performance, such as, graphics, mobile and videos.

Qualities seo company

Ideally a good SEO manager will have the following qualities:

• A goal-orientated passion for SEO.

• An organised, analytical mind and exceptional time management skills.

• Patience and overall ability to influence and guide both team members and clients.

• Ability to retain clients during slower periods.   seo company

• Enthusiasm for improving their own skills and knowledge.

• A proven track record of successful SEO campaigns.

• A curious mind and an eagerness to learn more.

• Ability to think of the campaign as a whole, not concentrate solely on rankings.

Website design and technical skills can be gained over time, but it is imperative that a good SEO manager has the right kind of personality to succeed in this job.