The Importance Of SEO Services Maintaining High Visibility

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The Importance Of SEO Services Maintaining High Visibility

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seo servicesIt’s all very well implementing strategies for maximum search engine visibility, but your  exposure needs to remain constant. If search engines can’t find you, then you don’t exist; simple as that. Visibility is achieved through a natural or organic search process when someone keys a term into a search engine that is related to your site. Visibility can also be achieved through non-organic methods such as pay-per-click (PPC), where you pay a small fee every time your ad is clicked and visitors are then directed to your site.

Here are some essential factors to help maintain visibility and keep your site on those crucial first pages.

Accessibilityseo services

Your site needs to be constantly accessible to visitors and search engine spiders. Ensure that your site has reliable hosting. Poor hosting can cause technical problems resulting in a slow site or even causing your site to shut down completely.

Take care to produce unique meta descriptions. The optimum length should be 155 characters. Make every word count. They should be descriptive and relevant to your site’s pages. Your site should be inviting and easy to navigate. Consider including a site map to help visitors navigate more easily.

seo servicesKeywords

Choose your keywords wisely. They should be relevant and easy for search engine spiders to find. But go easy. Too many keywords can result in stilted content that will be discarded by search engines as spam. Bear in mind that Google and other search engines prefer quality over quantity.


Fresh, high quality, relevant content is essential to maintaining high visibility. Make sure that you produce engaging blogs and articles that people will actually want to read. Articles and blogs should have eye-catching headlines and be informative and relevant to your site without being a publicity campaign. Visitors are turned off by “buy me” pleas.

seo servicesLink Building

Who isn’t on Facebook or Twitter? Use social media to promote your site. Study competitors links and see what works for them. Guest posting on other sites is a great way to link back to your own site. Publish blogs and articles on other sites that are relevant to your business and link directly back to you.

Professional Helpseo services

Small businesses especially, could benefit from professional SEO services. Choose a reputable SEO company with a personal, open-door policy and a proven track record. Get Manic offer exceptional SEO services. We offer a more personal approach than our larger, London-based counterparts, helping you to improve visibility, traffic flow and achieve your business goals.