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Website Alterations

Website Alterations

At Get Manic we have a specialist team dedicated to the building and development of websites and online apps. This means we are able to offer a round the clock service to ensure that your site is always fully functional and to your desired quality. Whether it be fixing a broken link here and there, adding a new page, or altering the look of your site completely, we can help you! With a free consultation, we will work with you to get your site looking exactly as you want – after all, your website reflects the image of your company.

EU Cookie Compliance Law

Over the past few years, several laws have come into existence prohibiting the use of certain types of web-bots and coding. You may be aware of the EU cookie compliance law that came into effect in May 2011. As you may or may not know, cookies are little tidbits of information that are collected by websites to find a little bit out about the users that are visiting the site – their location, their age, their interests perhaps. These cookies are then stored by the website and can be accessed by the site’s owners to understand the demographics of the users that are visiting their site. However, the EU law has prohibited the use of cookies without the consent of the user. Therefore, every website that engages in activities that require cookies must put a button on their site by which a user may decide to accept or decline the use of cookies. We are able to give your site a free scan to detect the use of cookies. We can then assist in getting the site compliant to the EU law so that your site isn’t penalised or removed.

Blog Sites

One of the best ways to build your SEO is to create trustworthy backlinks. One such way of doing so, is building sites that are dedicated to being blogs for your main sites. This means that all the navigational links on the site go back to your main site and regular articles and blogs can be posted to boost the sites trust flow. As time goes on, these blog sites will begin to rank highly for keywords that you have perhaps not thought of and can act as valuable referral links to your main website – increasing the potential of leads! Our blog sites use wordpress as a content management system but are bespokely designed to reflect your main website – no templates used here!

Social Icons

In today’s social media rich environment, it is more important than ever to make sure you link to and from your social media pages. With the world’s population shopping online, you need to drive as much business to your site from social media – the only way to do which is to get more likes and followers to become more visible! By linking to your social media pages, you are inviting the users to explore your secondary website (effectively) to display more of your work and show them that you are a trustworthy company that has multiple methods of communication and publication.

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Basic Website Design
The perfect website turns clicks into clients. That is why our Brighton website design team strive to build the most efficient and professional looking websites to ensure that your company is boosted through its online presence.
Brighton Website Design
Brighton Website Design
Professional Website Design
As a reliable company, you need a reliable website that ensures the maximum turnaround of clicks into clients. With fully integrated SEO, you can be at the top of your game by being at the top of the search engines.
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Brighton Social Media
Ecommerce Website Design
Online shopping has become one of the most significant uses of the internet, with millions of people using their computers to make purchases right through the day and night.
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Website Design Add ons
Whether it be a few tweaks here and there, becoming compliant with new online regulations, or large scale developments on your pre-existing website, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you.
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